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ActiveMQ OSGi integration

OSGi containers are becoming a deployment platform of choice for many developers these days. That’s why nearly all server-side Java software is packaged as OSGi bundles and ActiveMQ is not an exception. I wrote an article that goes into the details on how to deploy and use ActiveMQ broker and web console in Apache Karaf […]

Fuse Message Broker released

While waiting for Apache ActiveMQ 5.3, you can try our latest cut of Fuse Message Broker A lot of issues are already merged and thoroughly tested. Also, it very easy to do a switch back and forth (take a look at this article for more details).

ActiveMQ continuos intergration

ActiveMQ has been added to Hudson continuous-integration server instance at Apache Now you can have more insight into test runs and snapshot builds. Hudson will also send failure reports to our dev mailing list, making us address them promptly. As a part of this change, the snapshots location and Maven repository has changed. If […]

ActiveMQ in Action discount

If you were planning to buy ActiveMQ in Action (ebook, print or both), you’re in luck. Until March 23rd, you can use coupon code activemq40 at Manning site and get 40% off the regular price.

Fuse Message Broker released

Fuse Message Broker is just released. It’s mostly a work towards better stability, but there is also a couple of important bug fixes (release notes). If you’re still on ActiveMQ 5.0 branch, be sure to give it a try.

Unacking messages with Stomp

Quite often people ask how to “unacknowledge” the message using Stomp. I wrote a brief FAQ entry (with an example): Also, be sure to use 5.3-SNAPSHOT (or later), since there were some improvements in that area recently.

Fuse Message Broker released

Fuse Message Broker has just been released, with a couple of issues fixed. You can find release notes here. I would like to take this chance to explain Fuse releases a bit and how you can easily switch between Apache and Fuse releases of ActiveMQ. Apache ActiveMQ and Fuse Message Broker are practically the […]

New chapters of ActiveMQ in Action are available online

If you’re looking for ActiveMQ documentation, you can try reading online chapters of “ActiveMQ in Action” using Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) – New chapters has just been added: Chapter 2 provides a detailed overview of ActiceMQ Chapter 4 explains ActiveMQs message persistence options Chapter 7 addresses the aspects related to providing messaging services […]