Asynchronous messaging for web sites

Nice explanation of importance of asynchronous messaging by Dooplr CTO Matt Biddulph at dConstruct 2008

And I am not going to any update, but I just want to say to every developer in the room that you need to be playing with asynchronous messaging right now on your servers. You need to grab Apache ActiveMQ or Beanstalk, or play with Amazon’s Simple Queue system. And start building a different sort of gearing into your website.

Think of each of these layers as things that may want to run at different speeds in an engine. And the way you make things run at different speeds in a mechanism, is to put gearing in between them, and to allow them to freewheel from each other from time to time. And not all proceed in lock start. It’s, because, it’s going to be an enormously important engineering principle for the future.