Scripting the enterprise

In the beginning …

PHP was designed as scripting language used to develop Web based applications. Because
of its flexibility, extensibility and ease of use it became widely popular
among developers, and pretty fast the large community was created. As time was passing, people wanted to develop more complex applications with it, but PHP
was designed for page centric architecture with very limited support for
object-oriented programming. Also, there was no system support for transactions,
caching, software components and all the other things that developers of the
enterprise applications have used to have. There was no application container
that would take care of all the system staff that we need in our applications,
so that we can focus on business requirements. As applications are getting
larger and more complex scalability becomes a new issue. PHP does not scale
well and there is no easy and standard way to make a cluster to achieve better
scalability. So, PHP applications (with respectable exceptions) were left in
the area of small and middle complex web applications.

Meanwhile …


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