Can Servlet containers scale?

Filip Hanik of Covalent Technologies wrote an excellent article in which he describes his series of performance/scalability tests of the new NIO connector that has been added to Tomcat 6. In tests he also includes Jetty and Glassfish containers. The article contains very good explanation of challenges in adapting NIO environment to blocking IO requirements.… Continue reading Can Servlet containers scale?

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Java and JSON

It seems that JSON vs. XML debate was one of the hot topics for this winter. Again, I think that “vs.” part is sufficient and that both XML and JSON should have their place in overall technology landscape. One of the obvious JSON advantages is that it can be directly evaluated in JavaScript. And for… Continue reading Java and JSON

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Cross-Domain Ajax support for ActiveMQ

In this post I will try to summarize a case-study for implementing Cross-Domain Ajax support for ActiveMQ. Use Case In the current implementation of Ajax support for ActiveMQ, you can use JavaScript to consume and send messages, but only directly in your application. This stands mostly due to “same-domain” restriction of the XmlHttpRequest calls. This… Continue reading Cross-Domain Ajax support for ActiveMQ