Quartz recent jobs patch

This patch is made for Quartz 1.2.3

Java job scheduler and it extends original Scheduler interface with getExecutedJobs()
method that returns list of recently executed jobs. Size of the list is configurabile
with org.quartz.scheduler.executedJobsListSize parameter in property file (quartz.properties).
It could be also turned off by specifying value 0 or by deleteing this entry from the property file.
This patch works even for volatile Jobs and Triggers and doesn’t use database.


First you will need the source of Quartz 1.2.3 library. You can download
this library from the Sourceforge
download page for this release
Then you should download patch from here

Extract library and copy the patch in the root directory of the extracted archive.
Next you should apply the patch with the following line.

$ patch -u -p 1 -i quartz_recentjobs.patch

After these steps, build the Quartz by typing

$ ant

Compiled library is located at


library is extended with one more method in the interface.

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