Fuse Stomp project

In our attempt to provide better future for Stomp protocol, we already moved specification under ActiveMQ project umbrella, where all future specification improvements will be done. Another necessary step is to provide high-quality Stomp clients for use in different development environments. For that purpose, we created Stomp project on FUSE Forge. It should provide a project hosting environment for various Stomp clients.

For starters I released PHP Stomp Client 1.0.0. It’s a natural extension of all the work previously hosted on Codehaus + Google Code. It is now stabilized, with a lot of bug fixes and released as 1.0.0. All future development will be continued on the FUSE Forge as it provides much better hosting environment than we used thus far.

So, if you’re interested in Stomp for your application development, join the community and help us create high-quality clients for your environment.