Fuse Stomp project

In our attempt to provide better future for Stomp protocol, we already moved specification under ActiveMQ project umbrella, where all future specification improvements will be done. Another necessary step is to provide high-quality Stomp clients for use in different development environments. For that purpose, we created Stomp project on FUSE Forge. It should provide a… Continue reading Fuse Stomp project

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Stomp Future

While thinking about the future of Stomp protocol, we concluded that the best place for future maintenance of the specification is under umbrella of ActiveMQ project. There are a couple reasons for this, but it basically boils down to two facts: Apache infrastructure is much better suited for this task than the one currently used… Continue reading Stomp Future

Unacking messages with Stomp

Quite often people ask how to “unacknowledge” the message using Stomp. I wrote a brief FAQ entry (with an example): http://activemq.apache.org/how-do-i-unack-the-message-with-stomp.html Also, be sure to use 5.3-SNAPSHOT (or later), since there were some improvements in that area recently.

Stomp v1.1 thoughts

Update: There is now a wiki page on Stomp site for this, please go there if you are interested in Stomp v1.1 As discussed in this thread some time ago, there is a need to start working on Stomp version 1.1 protocol specification (and implementation), if nothing else then to support types for message properties.… Continue reading Stomp v1.1 thoughts

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Securing Stomp

If you ever wanted to use Stomp messaging protocol with secured ActiveMQ broker, you can now do it by downloading a 5.1 snapshot distribution. For more Stomp messaging security over unsecured networks you can additionally use Stomp over SSL, which makes Stomp + ActiveMQ perfectly secure messaging environment over unsecured networks. If PHP is your… Continue reading Securing Stomp

Stomp and JSON

As I said in the previous post, one of my main intentions is to use Stomp to send map messages from PHP to Java. So in this iteration, I have added support for JSON encoding/decoding of message content. Before I dig deeper into new functionalities and changes, let me explain which JSON libraries (PHP and… Continue reading Stomp and JSON

PHP Stomp client

Download This work is based on Hiram Chirino’s excellent library. It would be great if this “extended” version become part of that project too, but for now you can grab it from here. While the original library is well written, there were few things that prevented me to use it in my project. I started… Continue reading PHP Stomp client