MQTT over WebSocket transport in ActiveMQ

So, we have more and more users want to connect to ActiveMQ directly from the browser using WebSockets. For quite a while now we support Stomp clients which are really easy to use from JavaScript. Now, as more mobile users trying the same approach, we added support for very efficient binary MQTT protocol to the mix for upcoming 5.9.0 version.

The good thing is that you really don’t have to change anything on the broker side to support it. Both Stomp and MQTT can work over the same connector, as clients identify the protocol they want to use when they initialize the connection. We also provided a nice little demo using Eclipse Paho JavaScript client. You can play with the demo if you start the broker with activemq-demo.xml config like

bin/activemq console xbean:conf/activemq-demo.xml

And go to the


You can also peek at the source code

If you’re interested in messaging for web and mobile, I’ll be talking more about Stomp, MQTT, WebSocket and stuff at OSCON later this July, so pop by if you can. Happy messaging!


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