ActiveMQ OSGi integration

OSGi containers are becoming a deployment platform of choice for many developers these days. That’s why nearly all server-side Java software is packaged as OSGi bundles and ActiveMQ is not an exception. I wrote an article that goes into the details on how to deploy and use ActiveMQ broker and web console in Apache Karaf (and ServiceMix) OSGi environments. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


  1. It looks like gshell is being replaced with gogo. Do you know when that fix will be available? (As install activemq does work at the moment)

  2. Hi Peter,

    haven’t check karaf in a while. Will take a look at these changes and try the setup with 1.0.0 release and update the article accordingly.

    Thanks for the pointer

  3. I don’t see any Equnix related instructions. Does features work on Equinox as well?

  4. Hi Raj,

    I haven’t played with Equinox integration yet. ActiveMQ should work in any OSGi container, but features are Karaf (ServiceMix) only.


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