Python messaging: ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ

I found myself recently with a task of testing various Python messaging clients. In this article I’ll present my findings regarding performance and scalability on two Python clients connecting to ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ message brokers. For ActiveMQ Python client, I used pyactivemq library version 0.1.0. It’s basically a Python wrapper for ActiveMQ-CPP library, allowing Python… Continue reading Python messaging: ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ

pyactivemq on Ubuntu

pyactivemq is a Python library that enables Python clients to communicate with ActiveMQ using both OpenWire and Stomp protocols. To do that it wraps ActiveMQ-CPP library, so it involves some compiling to make it all work. While building instructions for both ActiveMQ-CPP and pyactivemq and clear and concise, I found some additional steps were need… Continue reading pyactivemq on Ubuntu