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Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 3

OK, after basic anti-patterns discussed in part 1 and 2 of this series, it’s time to discuss a bit more sophisticated messaging anti-patterns and how to write better messaging-oriented applications. Using appropriate message type So let’s start with the first principles of messaging. Why we want to use a message broker in our architecture? The […]

Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 2

OK, now that you promised that you won’t store your messages in the broker (see part one of this post series), let’s consider one more thing that you should avoid when dealing with messaging systems. Short-lived connections One thing that reoccur regularly is folks (knowingly or unknowingly) creating and tearing connections to the broker for […]

Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 1

If you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, right? So we all witnessed that people sometimes try to solve the problem with wrong technology. Heck we probably all did it at one point or another. Common reasons are familiarity with an exiting technology stack we have at hand or perception that some of […]

Python messaging: ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ

I found myself recently with a task of testing various Python messaging clients. In this article I’ll present my findings regarding performance and scalability on two Python clients connecting to ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ message brokers. For ActiveMQ Python client, I used pyactivemq library version 0.1.0. It’s basically a Python wrapper for ActiveMQ-CPP library, allowing Python […]

Asynchronous messaging for web sites

Nice explanation of importance of asynchronous messaging by Dooplr CTO Matt Biddulph at dConstruct 2008 And I am not going to any update, but I just want to say to every developer in the room that you need to be playing with asynchronous messaging right now on your servers. You need to grab Apache ActiveMQ […]